User profile

Not all the identity providers will supply the same amount of information about the user. They might even choose different properties to convey the same meaning (e.g. last_name vs family_name). Userbin normalizes the profile of the user regardless of the identity provider the user is authenticating with. This of course greatly simplifies the development experience, as you just need to be concerend with one schema. If you provide information when registering with email and password, these settings will override those from the identity providers.

These are the attributes that Userbin will provide:

  • id: A unique identifier of the user (e.g.: LuE9oBqzpG6nfewzKaHd7gqWbcqfD2kv).
  • email: Email of the user.
  • image: URL pointing to the user image (if not available, will use with the email).
  • name: The full name of the user (if available, e.g.: Johan Brissmyr).
  • first_name: First name of the user (if available).
  • last_name: Last name of the user (if available).

Example profile

  "id": "3assteaczUCiu5JGAve9NmjSTJpm2cb1",
  "email": "",
  "first_name": "Johan",
  "last_name": "Brissmyr",
  "name": "Johan Brissmyr",
  "image": ""